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Surprise Engagement

SO you'll want to read this!! When my husband and I went on our wedding anniversary weekend getaway, I got to take these photos as a complete surprise to both myself and this lovely couple. My husband and I were taking a romantic stroll down the Sunset Cliffs in San Diego when I told my husband I felt that I saw a man about to propose. I quickly had my camera ready and started taking pictures. I walked up towards them slowly and snapped away. I did so because I did not see another photographer in sight. After he was done proposing, the woman said "oh my gosh you even got a photographer?!", when in reality he had contacted multiple and none were available. Fate brought us together at this moment. I was able to capture this once in a lifetime moment for them. This is why I do photography. This couple is the sweetest and I feel so lucky to have been able to gift them captured memories of this beautiful moment.

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